About Company

A team of professionals, united under the aegis of this new and very prospective company, could not treat the name of the company otherwise. Because the goal, we embody and experience in various fields of human activity, have taught us to be selective, accurate and responsible in solution of any issue. Yes, our goal – to be up to the mark both in terms of our services and products, and in terms of relationships with our valued clients. We know that there are a lot of companies like us in this field of business, but we are not afraid of competition, because of the self-assertion and believe in top professional quality of our staff.

For the duration of our stay in this business we have learned one truth that building relationships directly with manufacturers enables delivery of exactly what client wants and at an obtainable price. We’re always looking for new reliable suppliers to ensure prompt response to all requests of our customers and meet their requirements as soon as possible. Competitive prices and quality provide a high level of service and long-term fruitful cooperation with our customers.



The interests of our customers for us in the first place

The most important criteria in our relationships with clients are: the high moral standards, trust, professionalism and compliance with ethical standards

For us it’s a great pleasure and honor to provide services to our customers at a high level

We believe that only a relationship built on an open and friendly attitude, willingness to share experience and skills of our employees, mutual trust can be long-term and strong

We are ready for your inquiries on a variety of goods ranging from small component, fasteners, fittings, parts and ending with heavy machinery, equipment and hardware.
The list of goods that can be supplied by us is following:

Machinery and outfitting

  • • Piping and outfitting with certificated welders
    • Fender and its components
    • Bollard, chock and fairlead manufacturing
    • Mobile machining and laser alignment
    • All kind of pump overhauling
    • Air conditioning and recondition of its compressors
    • F/O – D/O – L/O Seperator
    • Steam&Thermal oil Boilers
    • Compressors overhauling
    • Emergency/Safety equipments
    • Hydraulic Cranes and accesories repair
    • Heat Exchanger/Cooler manufacture

Electrical and Electronic

  • • Main Switchboard
    • Distributions Boards
    • Motor Control&Starter Panels
    • Control Panel
    • Automation System
    • Light Coloumn System
    • Navigation Light Controller
    • General Alarm System
    • Genset installation
    • Calibration of el. Devices

Fitting equipment and insulation

  • • Expansion joints
    • Flexible metal hose
    • Level controller
    • Steam traps
    • Valves
    • Insulation Jackets
    • Fire Fighting Equipment

Our Customers

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AZ1128, Baku, Azerbaijan
Sabunchu district, the Central street, 95 A

Phone: +99412 480 46 14

Cell: +99450 229 56 65

Web: www.akme.ws

E-mail: info@akme.ws